Why to choose a wedding in Todiwedding in todi

Todi is the one of reachest towns in Umbria in breautiful landscapes and monuments. It stands on a hill overlooking the Tiber Valley. Ancient city, founded by Umbrians, Todi appears today with its character of Etruscan, Roman and medieval times. Just outside the walls lies the first major religious building: the Temple of Consolazione, the processing of which was attended by numerous artists and architects, including Bramante. Going towards the center you can enjoy the beautiful Temple of St. Fortunato, where are the remains of Jacopone. The historic center of Todi is a real pearl of Umbria. In the Piazza del Popolo, defined rightly one of the most beautiful of Italy, stands the Cathidral, dating from the eleventh century and to the left, there is the Captain’s Palace with its beautiful Gothic facade, next to which stands the Palace of the Popolo, one of the oldest buildings of the communal period of Todi. With its vast territory, one of the largest in Umbria, Todi can be definitely also boast about of beauty of the small villages that surround the old town, with their castles and characteristic landscapes. If you love countryside wedding come to marry in Todi and you will be amazed!