wedding in perugia

Why to choose a wedding in Perugia

This is the largest town in Umbria and also its capital. The city is built on a hill-top, the oldest part of the city dates from Etruscan times. The number and beauty of its monuments, its churches and civil buildings make it an artistic centre of major importance. Today Perugia preserves the structure of its past almost unaltered, with its steep alleys and stairways, its beautiful buildings, its picturesque corners, and its magnificient panoramic views over the countryside below.

Weddings can be celebrated in the spectacular Palazzo dei Priori, a 13th century buildind, situated in one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, with its marvellous 13th century fountain.

For small and intimate weddings with few guests, there are two other small wedding halls: Sala della Vaccara and Sala Binni, a deconsacrated church. Recently Perugia Town Hall has authorized some Villas and Castles to hold civil ceremonies, will be pleasure for us to give you further information about them!