wedding in greve in chiantiWhy to choose a wedding in Greve in Chianti

Greve in Chianti is often considered the gateway to the Chianti region as it is the first major city that can be reached heading from Florence to Siena on the road Chiantigiana.

You should visit Greve for various reasons. It is a small town, not lying on top of a hill, but its main square with a such a particular shape is the perfect place to stroll, enjoy an espresso, ice cream cone or a glass of wine, it represents the entire Chianti.

The square of Greve is the focal point of the city. Small town that does not have a lot of things to see, but that still deserve a visit for a leisurely stroll in the square and around it. Greve is very alive and there are often organized markets, fairs and festivals throughout the year.

In the square, on Saturday, is still held the weekly market. What makes it particular, in addition to the triangular shape, is the portico that surrounds the three sides. Almost like a frame The portico is full of craft shops, restaurants, hotels and shops that offer handmade products of the place.

Some of the shops have become famous and you can not stop there, as the Old Butcher Falorni that from 1729 produces Tuscan specialities, or as the Shop of Crafts specializes in the art of the plot and the processing of olive wood . On the square is “Palazzo del Comune” the Town Hall, in neo-Renaissance style built on the ruins of the old palace hall of the Renaissance.