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Fabulous places | Sicily

Nature seems to have earmarked Sicily for its greatest wonders: dramatic mountain ranges, volca- noes, the brightest blue sea, the clearest waters. It isn’t just the scenery of Sicily that stands out: Sicily’s unique and intense scents and flavours can only be regaled by a natural environment that is pure and hasn’t been compromised. Ruins tell of a great, distinguished past, places of heart-wren- ching beauty a story of irredeemable abandon. Historical estates, villas surrounded by lush parks, immaculate beaches and crystalline waters of sparkling colours: this could be the place for the wed- ding of your dreams.



Why choose Sicily

  • Sicily (known to the ancients as Trinacria) is a pearl of Southern Italy and may be discovered, un- derstood and experienced in a series of itineraries based on themes of nature, history and traditions. The archipelagoes of the Aeolians, the Aegadians and Pelagians are all off shore destinations, and Pantelleria and Ustica also beckon. Volcanoes are witness to the vital and powerful natural beauty of this area and important archeological sites add to the fascination of Sicily.

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