Wedding in Città di Castello

Why to choose a wedding in Città di Castello

This land offers pleasant surprises with its rich history, monuments, and secular culture, in this environment where the respect for nature walks together with the concrete of vital industries.
Several exhibitions held all year long offer the opportunity to enrich your visit with art, culture, sport and crafts.

The heart of the town pulsates around the central nucleus and is characterised by important monuments, Corso’s and Squares which contain great architectural wealth and where the town’s life still continues.

The symbol of Citta` di Castello is without a doubt the group of bell towers that render the town immediately recognisable and which represent a kind of summary of its historical events, strongly characterised by conflicts between the civic and religious powers.

Palazzo Comunale. The Council building (also called Palazzo dei Priori) is one of the most outstanding municipal sites inUmbria. It was built between 1322 and1338. A grand sixteenth century staircase leads to the wide Council Hall, where some Roman ruins are conserved.
Torre Comunale (MunicipalTower). The tower (XIII Century) is a symbol of Communal power which was also used on occasions as a jail. The tower is also known as “Torre del Vescovo” (Bishop’s tower), because it joins Bishop’s Palace. The top of the tower can be visited, with excellent views of the historical centre and the whole Upper Tiber Valley.